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Fucking this!



I just want everyone to know I hate every single fucking thing in the entire world (including myself) right now as I reblog this. 

Okay. So. This gif caused me to go digging through my pinboard and “fiction” tag and dig out these fics: 

Like You Want Me To - didoxidate, ellievolia; Kaner/Tazer

Good Weekend - angelsaves, Kaner/Sharpy

Still Into You - altri_uccelli, Kaner/Tazer

The Shadow and The Frame - longtime_luker, Kaner/Tazer

Comment fic - dexwebster, Kaner/Tazer (locked to liketheroad’s LJ) 

Tag fic - didoxidate, Kaner/Tazer

Tumblr fic - s-endeavour, Kaner/OFC/Tazer

All NSFW, all involving Kaner going down on female bodies. I’m sure there are other fics that I’ve missed, BUT I NEEDED THE MADNESS TO STOP SOMEWHERE. 

Because I am ALL ABOUT THIS THEME, I would like to add the following: 

Tumblr fic - twoearsandaheart, Kane/Toews (fits in altri_uccelli’s Still Into You verse)

Tumblr fic prompt/ficlet - queeniegalore, Kane/Toews/Lindsey

There is a Season snippet 2 - demotu, Kane/Toews

Tumblr fic - sinsensory, Kane/Toews 

Bluehawk - aohatsu, Kane/Toews

Reblogging for nikibee1's links!

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